Scott Agrimson


Portland, OR

Hello! My name is Scott Agrimson and I am a Senior Developer living in Portland, OR. I’ve been coding for 15 years, using web technologies on both the client side and the server side to build interactive experiences. I enjoy adapting with new technologies to come up with elegant creative development solutions. Here are some cool projects I've done.

I also like to draw.


I’m proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, WebGL, Node, PHP, MySQL, and adapting to new technologies. I have experience using Swift for IOS development, Python, Blender, Spark AR, and Lens Studio.

  • The Cage-aissance Grand Exhibition

    AR Virtual Museum

    A museum unlike any other, this AR experience gives users a glimpse into what it looks like to have MASSIVE TALENT. With a QR component, users scan the code, launch the experience, and use the poster as their portal into the museum. Once the doors unlock, they can explore artwork, spin around 3D objects, and even experience an acid trip selfie.

    For this site, I was responsible for the html, css & javascript, as well as 8thwall integration (for ar image tracking) and the webgl for the museum portion of the site.

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  • Top Gun: Maverick

    AR Photo Booth

    With a custom 3D scene, native face tracking, and a branded deliverable, this fully integrated photo booth iPad application put users right in the action with a fly over by none other than Maverick himself! Originally built to be used at the premiere event, the response from participants was so positive that it was extended and used for other release week events as well.

    For this project, I built the core application using Capacitor, which allowed us to use familiar web technologies such as js, html, and css to build out the UI. I also made a Swift plugin for emailing the final output video to users. If the iPad was offline, the email address and output video would be stored locally using Core Data and could be batch emailed when an internet connection was established.

  • Sonic 2

    Instagram and Snapchat Lens

    Built for all the social platforms, this AR filter brought new characters and new locations right onto the user’s screen. By tapping, users were able to “throw a ring” that appeared on screen, played an animation, and then disappeared off screen only to show up behind them. Once the ring appears behind users, it opens up to reveal one of the fun locations from the film with an animation of a character inside it.

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  • Moonfall

    Explore the Megastructure

    The biggest cover up in NASA history is exposed in this AR site as users are able to place the moon/megastructure in their space and see it for what it really is. As they click hotspots, content is revealed, alien lifeforms are released, and a bagel even comes out of the cracked moon as it crashes into earth.

    I developed a gpgpu particle system to approximate the look of the alien from the movie attacking the space shuttle. I was also responsible for the general site structure, including all of the html and css, and much of the javascript.

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  • Reminiscence

    Bannister & Associates

    A reminiscence is a procedure in which the participant can travel back and relive a memory in vivid detail, something that was mimicked in this site experience. Users upload an image (or connect via Instagram or Facebook), answer a few questions (meant to drive the tone), and then, using the deep nostalgia platform built by D-ID, users can download an animated version of their image intercut with scenes from the film.

    I was responsible with the html, css, and javascript for the site, as well as the integration with several apis: Facebook and Instagram to allow users to upload their photos from their social media accounts, Amazon Rekognition to filter restricted content, and to allow the user to choose a face if they uploaded an image with multiple faces, and the D-ID api to create the video from a still image. I also did the webgl for the "Procedure" portion of the experience where the user interacts with a point cloud to slowly reveal the final animated image.

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  • No Kids in Prison

    Digital Experience

    This web experience takes users on a journey through youth incarceration, ultimately highlighting a future in which no kids are locked up. Starting with a present day journey guided by the youth and families affected by the criminal justice system, the site then takes users through a timeline of the past highlighting how we got here, and then finally ending on the future we all deserve, narrated by the youth themselves.

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  • Hip Hop Awards: 2020

    A 15 Year Fashion Retrospective

    I was the sole developer of this website, which highlighted the evolving fashion over the years of the BET Hip Hop Awards. Showcasing mostly imagery, users could really explore how style was shaped and by whom. Expandable and flexible, this site was a great central hub for many different types of content, including copy, images and even video.

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  • Tenet

    Official Site

    For this site, I used the TensorFlow machine learning platform and an audio model built to recognize specific words and phrases. The experience progresses each time the user says “tenet” to a final movie poster reveal, at which point the user can say “tenet” again to see the site play in reverse, or “we live in a twilight world” to see a hidden message.

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  • Madea's Farewell

    Virtual Museum

    With the last of the iconic MADEA plays set to debut digitally, we were tasked with creating a “VIRTUAL MUSEUM” that users could walk through to see some of the most memorable moments. Displaying portraits that highlighted all the plays, a costume exhibit that highlighted the looks, a Hall of songs that showcased the music, and even a virtual gift shop that allowed users to bring a piece of Madea home with them, MADEA’S VIRTUAL MUSEUM brings the character and the stories to life.

    I was responsible for the html, css, and javascript for this site, as well as the Shopify integration for the Gift Shop.

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  • Knives Out

    Official Site

    I was the sole developer for this site experience, which was designed around the concept of letting users explore and learn who the different players are and what possible motives they have in committing murder. With clues scattered throughout the 3D content of the site, it was an experience that paired with another website, sending users on a virtual scavenger hunt where they became active participants in the campaign.

    I also built a USDZ version of the main knife with a clue on the back side that you can place in your environment if you are viewing the site with an iphone and click the “Experience in AR” button at the top of the page.

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  • Detective Pikachu

    Welcome to Ryme City

    Pokémon: Detective Pikachu was a really fun title to get a chance to work on. On this site, we decided to take the opportunity to do a photo hunt and ask users to find details within the poster to create a fun, interactive experience.

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  • Aquaman and Fantastic Beasts

    Green screen photo booth

    Built for the worldwide release of both Aquaman and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, these green screen photobooths traveled the world to create shareable content tied to the films. I was the lead developer for the application, which utilized shaders to key out the greenscreen, composite the frame layers, and apply post-effects; and ffmpeg to create the output video.

  • KIN

    Official Movie Site

    I was the sole developer on this website, which features an interactive particle cloud that morphs into different 3d scenes that represent key moments from the film. I used three.js and a GPGPU technique called FBO Particles to keep all of the math involved in animating each particle off of the CPU, which allows the site to run smoothly on all devices.

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  • Lego Batman

    Bat Climb

    With nearly 40 million plays, Bat Climb was the first movie branded game launched on Facebook Instant games. I was involved in most stages of development for this one, from writing Python scripts to export animation data from Maya for use in three.js, to core game development, to integration with the Facebook Instant Games Platform.

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  • Insidious Chapter 3

    The Room Experience

    The Room Experience is a WebGL experience that brings users into Quinn's room and face to face with a malevolent presence. When a user connects via Facebook the scene will be customized, displaying posters of bands they like and pictures of them with the people they love. I worked on the facebook integration aspect of the experience. I also worked on a section of the experience that algorithmically draws the user's name in cracks in the wall of the room.

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  • Storks Movie

    Tulip the Builder

    I was the sole developer for this game which was a part of the marketing campaign for the movie Storks. Built using webgl with the help of the PixiJS library.

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  • Ready Player One

    Level Up

    This feature led users on an integrated Chatbot/Instant Games experience housed within Facebook Messenger to collect all three keys and save the Oasis. When they finished the game, we were able to use Facebook Messenger to contact them. We then moved between the chatbot and games to guide users through collecting 3 keys, a plot point from the film. My role is this project was to develop the UI and to build the chatbot using node.js and redis, and to integrate it with the Facebook Messenger platform.

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  • Fantastic Beasts

    Magic in New York

    In this experience made for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, this user can explore select locations from the film as animated 360 scenes. I had several roles in this project, including developing the map portion of the site and developing a pipeline for exporting frame-by-frame animations from Maya using Python scripts to be then used to animate 3d models in the browser with webgl.

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  • Goosebumps Movie

    Where’s the Creature

    I was the sole developer on “Where’s the Creature”, a “Where’s Waldo” style game in which users click and drag to pan through a scene, distinguishing creatures from costumed people at a high school Halloween dance.

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  • Twenty Tiny Tales

    I did the cover illustrations for Twenty Tiny Tales short story collections by K Osterberg.

  • Penny Finds Her Brave

    I did the illustration and animation, and a small portion of the IOS development for Penny Finds Her Brave, an interactive children’s book for the iPad.

  • Posters

    This is a selection of posters I have done for Artcrank and a couple of other art shows.

  • Randoms